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Division for the supervision and development of civil aviation

Division for supervision and development of civil aviation performs tasks related to: coordination and monitoring of international and domestic regulations in the field of air transport and participation in the coordination of domestic and international legislation; policy and strategy development of the air transport system with best global practice in this area; proposing policy and development in this field; supervision of the legislative work of the organization responsible for civil aviation in implementing the tasks of the state administration. participation in the work of the national committees according to the law regulation in air traffic; cooperation and participation in international aviation organizations in the creation and implementation of international conventions, standards and recommendations; participation in the development strategy of civil aviation, as well as participation in the development strategy for the development of transport and economic strategy of the Republic of Serbia; professional monitoring of the development and implementation of planning documents in air transport infrastructure; participation in the preparation of proposals for the ratification of international treaties in the field of air transport; secretarial, administrative, technical and statistical evidentiary tasks related to activities of the Department; performing other tasks within the purview of the Department.