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Mihajlovic: First flights on May 21st, passengers to adhere to all the measures

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD, said today that the first flights after the lifting of the state of emergency will be on May 21st, five flights to Frankfurt and Zurich, and that passengers will have to adhere to all measures adopted by the Government of Serbia.


"Nowhere in Europe is air traffic completely normalized, there are no regular routes anywhere, so these won't be either, they will be for our people who are in Europe and want to return. Practically, they have not yet agreed in Europe on what travelling by plane should look like," said Mihajlovic as a guest on TV Prva.


She specified that foreign citizens who come to Serbia will have to have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours, and citizens of the Republic of Serbia or those who have a residence in Serbia or a negative PCR test or will go into self-isolation." We have left the possibility for our citizens that even if they go into self-isolation, they can do a test in the reference laboratory and, if it is negative, discontinue self-isolation. Of course, everyone will have to wear masks during the trip, and adhere to all other procedures," said Mihajlovic.


When it comes to road traffic, she added that in previous months the issue of border crossing was regulated by special approvals of the Government Commission, which enabled the supply of Serbia not to stop, and that relaxation of measures in that area will be done as before, in agreement with doctors. "We would all like the borders to be opened, both people in Serbia and people outside Serbia, but as we have done everything responsibly so far, we should behave like that now and wait a little longer," she said.


Mihajlovic said that in order to enter Serbia, an appropriate test will have to be done, and that these tests will be done in the countries they come from, because it takes some time to get the results. Also, as she stated, it will be taken into account that people with lower incomes or without income can travel, so students and the unemployed will be exempted from paying for the test, while children under 12 will be exempt from any kind of tests.


She emphasized that, despite the relaxation of measures, everyone must continue to behave responsibly, that distance and all other measures must be followed. "We must also be responsible when it comes to travelling, because the question is how other countries will behave. Personally, I do not plan to go on vacation outside of Serbia this year," said Mihajlovic.