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Mihajlovic in Ljubovija: Nine billion dinars invested in roads in Macva district

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, phD, visited today, together with the director of "Roads of Serbia" Zoran Drobnjak, the bridge over river Ljubovidja near Ljubovija, which collapsed due to the floods in June this year.


On this occasion, Mihajlovic said that the investment in roads in this part of Serbia is not small and that 9 billion dinars have been invested in roads in Macva district through various projects in the past few years.


She added that she had previously visited the bridge over river Tresnjica on the state road Ljubovija-Bajina Basta, which was closed to freight traffic for the previous year.


"Since a few days ago, this bridge has been in use for trucks over 3 tons. This is an important investment of about 30 million dinars. Now the trucks, about 300 of them a day, do not have to go over Valjevo and Debelo Brdo, on a road 120 km long, because the road directly over this bridge from Ljubovija to Bajina Basta is 54 km long. This means that both costs and time spent will be lower and security better. We will continue to monitor the realization of all projects together with the mayor, to do what we promised today," said Mihajlovic.


Zoran Drobnjak stated that the project for the bridge over river Ljubovidja is currently being done and that it will be ready in about a month and a half.


"In seven days, we will make a deviation so that the traffic can function. We will try to make the new bridge in the length of about 35 meters and in the value of about 60 million dinars be ready by the next year ", said Drobnjak.


The head of Macva district, Vladan Krasavac, pointed out the excellent cooperation with the Government of Serbia and the relevant Ministry, which was crowned with the beginning of the construction of the bridge on Sava within the project of building the highway and fast road Ruma-Sabac-Loznica.


"With the collapse of this bridge, the road communication on the regional road Mali Zvornik-Ljubovija-Bajina Basta was interrupted. A very important section for us because it is the only connection of Podrinje with Western Serbia, but also BiH and Montenegro. We continue good cooperation with the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry and all state institutions stand firmly behind all districts and local self-governments ", he said.


The president of the municipality of Ljubovija, Milovan Kovacevic, said that some natural phenomena are such that no one can prevent them, and he thanked Deputy Prime Minister for the visit in order to see the problems of the citizens of this municipality together.


"In Negotin, 211 liters of rain per square meter fell in 1955, which was recorded as the maximum in our country. On June 22nd this year, 210 liters of rain fell in Ljubovija. "No matter how large this scale is, I am grateful to everyone for their help to save what can be saved in these few days," he said.