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Mihajlovic on the occasion of the European Mobility Week: Let's make the environment healthier

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, visited Krusevac today with the Ambassador of the European Union to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi, on the occasion of marking the European Mobility Week, under the slogan "Mobility without pollution for all".

On this occasion, Mihajlovic stated that it is important that today we all together send a strong message to all citizens of Serbia, but also to our partners in the EU, how important this week is and that our goal is to harmonize with EU standards, because that is essential to our future.

"The Ministry, together with the SCTM, is the national coordinator of urban mobility. As someone who likes to be among the best, and the EU sets standards in that, I must admit that I am not completely satisfied because out of 174 local self-governments, only 26 applied to participate in this week. We need to be faster and more active because it is good for our society. "One of the biggest challenges in the whole world is the protection of the environment, and that is the issue of sustainable development in order to enable the generations to come to live in a better and more preserved environment," she said.

Mihajlovic also announced that the Ministry will award the prize to the local self-government, that is the most engaged in this filed, from next year.

"As an incentive, we will award a prize of one million dinars to the city or municipality that is most engaged in the field of urban mobility." "As a state, we have adopted strategies and regulations, but it is important that we all engage more and provide citizens with conditions to be more mobile outside the car," she said.

Sem Fabrizi invited all cities and municipalities in Serbia to participate in the celebration of the European Mobility Week, which is happening throughout Europe.

"In 49 European countries, activities will be realized as here in Krusevac - from walking, cycling and electric cars, with the goal of making the whole continent neutral in terms of carbon emissions in the next 30 years. We are sending three important messages - to reduce air pollution, to use alternative types of movement and to return public space to citizens, because it belongs to them, not cars," said Fabrizi.

The mayor of Krusevac, Jasmina Palurovic, pointed out that the city is looking forward to the award of the European Mobility Week for the greatest engagement in 2019, which they received.

"The city of Krusevac received a prestigious award and I thank everyone who participated in it and made it possible. We started shyly, gradually excluding traffic from the city center, walking more. Then we started to improve the infrastructure and use other means of transportation. "I call on everyone to walk more and use alternative modes of transport even after the mobility week," she said.

Djordje Stanicic, Secretary General of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, said that Krusevac had put itself on the European map and that it would continue to work in that direction.

"Thanks to the Deputy Prime Minister, who is the national coordinator in this area, for her support. "Even more local governments will be involved in the European Mobility Week this year, and our goal is to involve as many citizens as possible in activities that lead forward," said Stanicic.

Joakim Vern, Deputy Ambassador of Sweden, stated that the city of Krusevac has worked a lot in the past period to improve the quality of life of its citizens, and that he is glad that Sweden helped in that.