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Mihajlovic: Political stability brings 13 billion that Serbia invests in regional connectivity

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, stated in the morning program of TV Happy that it is extremely important for Serbia to connect with the region, and that when all investments are added up, investments in those infrastructure projects amount to 13 billion euros.

"Nothing creaks in infrastructure anymore, we have money and projects, and above all political, economic and financial stability, without which there is no development or direct foreign investments. And, on the other hand, we listen to Djilas and the so-called the opposition that we don't need any of that. Let me remind you, in 2012, when we formed the government, the country was closed in terms of infrastructure, there were no investments, we had obstacles everywhere, there were no roads, investors could not get permits. "Today, everything is different and Serbia is at the top of foreign direct investments," she said.

Mihajlovic added that we could not do anything better for the country than to connect it with the region, and that in addition to traffic, communal and energy infrastructure are also important, because that means better living conditions and people staying in Serbia.

"Whether it is about connecting with BiH, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Albania, or projects for the construction of new highways and high-speed railways, we work with everyone - with the European Union and European banks, with Russians, Chinese , Americans, Turks, Azerbaijanis. In addition to physical connections, we are also building integrated border crossings so that the flow of people and goods is faster and more efficient, and costs lower. "Our goal is to create conditions for a normal life for everyone, for people to stay and live here, because people are the greatest treasure, we can provide everything else," she concluded.