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24.07.2020. - 13:38

Mihajlovic on Morava Corridor: The first section from Pojate to Krusevac will be finished by the end of the next year

24.07.2020. - 10:10

Mihajlovic: The health of workers comes first, there are no delays on large projects

23.07.2020. - 09:03

Mihajlovic: Morava corridor of strategic importance for Serbia, all the institutions contribute to the realization of the project

22.07.2020. - 10:18

Mihajlovic: Life and economy must not stop, and when it is difficult, work must be done

22.07.2020. - 08:48

Mihajlovic: Belgrade metro, worth 6 billion euros, the largest infrastructure project in this part of Europe

17.07.2020. - 14:25

Mihajlovic chaired the first meeting of the interdepartmental working group for Morava Corridor

17.07.2020. - 14:22

Mihajlovic with Chen Bo: It is important that projects are carried out, construction will save the economy

15.07.2020. - 14:19

Mihajlovic: Support for construction workers, who, despite the epidemic, are saving our economy

14.07.2020. - 12:27

Mihajlovic signed the first subsidies of 8,000 euros to taxi drivers and transporters for the purchase of new vehicles

13.07.2020. - 11:39

Mihajlovic: Cadastre is and will be in the service of citizens


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