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Zoran Pavlovic


He was born in 1970 in Loznica.

He graduated from Army Land Forces Military Academy, majoring in engineering, engineering officer. He completed his Bachelors studies at the Faculty of Civil Defense, University of Belgrade, the title of professor of civil defense, and specialist studies at the Faculty of Security, University of Belgrade, as a crisis management specialist. From 1990 to 2018 he worked as a professional military officer - officer in Serbian Armed Forces. From 1990 to 2014, he served in command and commanded positions in the Air Force and Air Defense (RV and Air Defense) units of the Serbian Armed Forces. From 2014 to 2018, he held a leadership role at the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, where he was responsible for the infrastructure and construction support of the Serbian Armed Forces. From 2018 he served as the director of the company "Airports of Serbia" l.l.c. Belgrade.


By a decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia dated April 11th , 2019, it shall perform the function of Acting Assistant to the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure - Inspection Division. He was a leader and participated in the work of several professional, project management and other teams, and during the expert visit and tour of military and mixed airports in Ohio, USA, was in charge of infrastructure issues and airport conversions. He participated in the work of the Standards Commission, which developed the first Serbian standard for risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business. He has completed several professional trainings, including "Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management" and "Transport and Transportation Safety", and has participated in numerous professional conferences in the fields of construction, transport and infrastructure. Holds European Computer Driving License - ECDL Start Certificate Modules: 3, 4, 6 and 7 - WORD PROCESSING; SPREADSHEETS; PRESENTATIONS; WEB BROWSING AND COMMUNICATION;

During the 1999 war, the decree of the President of the country was awarded for exemplary, courageous, decisive and exceptional performance of tasks in defense and security of the homeland, and in 2016 by decree of the President of the country he was awarded for outstanding merits and achieved results in the field of defense and security of the Republic of Serbia. He is the holder of several medals, of which the zealous service medals. He was repeatedly rewarded for his achievements in the work by the Minister of Defense and other levels of leadership and command, and while working in the SAF, he was promoted to a higher rank due to his achievements in the work.


He is married, father of two sons