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Urban Development Planning Department

Urban Development Planning Department performs activities relating to: The approval of the General Urban Plan, General Regulation plan of the local government and urban development plan, drafted in the General plan of special purposes in the areas within the boundaries of a declared protected natural resources site; providing expert assistance in the preparation and adoption of urban plans; making proposals for the appointment of the members of the committee plans to JLSs; participation in the work of the Commission's plans JLS and providing technical assistance to committees to JLS plans; provision of the data and conditions for the preparation of planning documents at the request of the person responsible, as well as other documents of importance to the development of planning documents; keeping record of urban plans for which it was issued the consent of the Minister responsible for town planning; preparation and production of analyzes, studies, reports, and information in the field of urban development planning; administration / preparation of professional opinions on the implementation of regulations in the jurisdiction of the Department / Division; preparation of opinions on draft laws and other regulations that prepare / propose other ministries, special organizations and other bodies and organizations, or regulations adopted by the holders of public authority, in accordance with the law; participation in the preparation of professional bases for the development of the regulations in the field of spatial planning and settlements; professional control of planning documents tin order to determine the public interest; giving an opinion on the validity of the planning documentation for determining the public interest; monitoring and analysis of the implementation of regulations in the field of urban development planning; proposal and implementation of measures for improving the situation in the area and the settlements of the Republic; are / financing of urban development plans; cooperation with the donors, international organizations, other state agencies and local governments in the preparation and implementation of projects, strategies, plans and programs in the field of urban development planning;



Urban Development Planning Department forms following internal units: