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26.10.2020. - 10:38

Mihajlovic: There are many challenges before the new government, it needs to be even more efficient

26.10.2020. - 10:35

Mihajlovic: Energy security of Serbia, high quality electricity and enough derivatives are the most important goals

26.10.2020. - 08:30

Mihajlovic at the session of the Working Group for the construction of the new bridge over Sava: We continue to work on projects important for the development of Belgrade

22.10.2020. - 12:09

Mihajlovic with "Infrastructure of Railways of Serbia": Priority is the efficient implementation of projects

16.10.2020. - 08:42

Mihajlovic with GIZ and KfW: Germany is an important political and economic partner of Serbia

15.10.2020. - 12:49

Mihajlovic: Construction is the driving force of the economy, 16 000 more construction sites than in September last year

15.10.2020. - 11:11

Mihajlovic: Gratitude to the Israeli investor for investments in Serbia

12.10.2020. - 13:56

Mihajlovic with the head of the DFC in Belgrade on infrastructure projects and women's entrepreneurship

07.10.2020. - 14:32

Mihajlovic: Roma men and women deserve a dignified life, creating equal working conditions for all of us

07.10.2020. - 14:27

Mihajlovićeva: We are building new 250 km of highways and connecting Serbia regionally


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