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Dear reader,

Serbia has, from ancient to modern times, been a bridge between the West and the East, the shortest and most comfortable continental route between Europe and Asia.

The Government of Serbia recognizes the importance of securing efficiency in connectivity on the national level and its obligations to the international community that this natural bridge persists and develops further for the benefit of generations to come.

As a part of the Government’s economic and reform program in full compliance with the EU transport connectivity agenda and Serbia’s path to achieving full EU membership, during the past three years, infrastructure projects of total value of around six billion euro have been initiated, accelerated or successfully completed.

Major projects have been contracted and new projects, including new transport corridors, of total value of six billion euro, have been prepared to be implemented within the next three to five years. To these projects, with this booklet we draw the attention of our bilateral and multilateral partners, private investors and business community inviting to a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The underlying idea, connecting all the different projects, is to create a more modern, successful and more organized and efficient Serbia. A lot of effort has been put into reconstructing the legal and social framework and modernizing and expediting necessary procedures. That the process is going in the right direction, is confirmed with the achievement in the area of issuing of construction permits where Serbia, according to the World Bank Doing Business list ranking, joined the top ten in the world.

Moreover, efforts in other areas, ilustrated in this booklet as well, such as the work of bodies concerned with gender equality and social inclusion of Roma, are compatible with the goal to build a more successful and prosperous society, of achieving strong and sustainable growth of Serbia, as an integral part of 21st century Western Balkans region and Europe.



Deputy Prime Minister,

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure,

Professor Zorana Mihajlovic