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Department for construction affairs, implementation of consolidated procedures and legalisation


In the Sector for construction affairs, implementation of consolidated procedures and legalisation, there are tasks related to: implementation of all activities under a unified procedure by electronic means in connection with the construction of facilities; issuance of location conditions; issuing a building permit; issuing a decision under Article 145 of the Law on Planning and Construction; registration of construction sights; issuance of a usage permit; obtaining conditions for designing or connecting facilities to the infrastructure network; obtaining documents and other documents issued by holders of public authorizations, and a condition for the construction of facilities, that is, for issuing location conditions, construction and use permits within the competence of the Ministry, as well as providing conditions for connection to the infrastructure network and for registering ownership rights on the constructed building; normative jobs and analytics in the field of planning and construction; giving opinions to draft laws; examines the remarks and opinions of other bodies on draft laws and proposals of other regulations; documentation mapping, documentation and procedures movement, studio analytical work related to the establishment of strategy and development policy; coordination with local self-government units and holders of public authority in order to conduct training and training in the process of issuing electronic building permits; arrangement of conditions, procedures and ways of legalization of buildings or parts of buildings built without a building permit; drafting opinions regarding the fulfillment of the conditions for legalization of objects and the application of certain provisions of the Law on the legalization of buildings, drafting of draft regulations in the field of determining the fulfillment of conditions for legalization of buildings; coordination of activities and information exchange with local self-government units on determining the fulfillment of conditions for issuing licenses for the development of technical documentation and the construction of facilities for which a ministry is issued or an autonomous province, as well as other activities from the scope of the Sector.


In the Sector for construction affairs, implementation of consolidated procedures and legalization following units are formed: