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The air traffic sector carries out state administration tasks related to: design and conduct of the Government's policy in the field of air transport, air traffic development strategy and other professional activities related to internal and international transport of dangerous goods, air traffic control system, drafting of draft laws and proposals other regulations and programs in accordance with international conventions, standards and recommendations; monitoring of international and domestic regulations in the field of air traffic; initiates, initiates, coordinates negotiations and negotiates for the conclusion of bilateral and multilateral agreements in the field of air traffic; supervision of the work of the Directorate of Civil Aviation in the exercise of entrusted public authority; the drafting of second instance administrative acts upon a complaint lodged against the first instance administrative acts of the Civil Aviation Directorate; exercising control over the implementation of internationally established policies and best practices, applying standards and recommendations defined by the provisions of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations, which the United Nations Assembly entrusted this work with a charter act; cooperation and participation in the work of international aviation organizations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), participation in the development of international policies and the application of international conventions, standards and recommendations; professional monitoring of the preparation of spatial and other planning documents and alignment with the air traffic development strategy; carrying out tasks related to the proficiency check and issuing of certificates of professional competence of the driver of a vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods, that is, the certificate of specialist knowledge in the area of ​​ADN and keeping a register of issued certificates; recognition of the validity of foreign documents and marks of conformity; collecting and analyzing annual safety advisors' reports on the transport of dangerous goods; collecting data on infringements of regulations from ADR / RID / ADN; monitoring the movement and retention of transport vehicles transporting dangerous goods; proposing routes for the movement of dangerous goods vehicles; preparation for issuing a certificate of compliance with the conditions for the transport of waste that is characterized and classified as hazardous matter and other activities from the scope of the Sector.


In the Sector for Air Traffic and Transport of Dangerous Goods, the following narrow units are formed: