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24.09.2020. - 11:11

Mihajlovic: By the end of 2021, high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad, highway Pojate-Krusevac and Cacak-Pozega

24.09.2020. - 11:06

Mihajlovic: Projects with the American DFC are important for regional connections

24.09.2020. - 10:50

Mihajlovic with DFC: Big projects ahead of us, the goal is regional connectivity

24.09.2020. - 10:00

Mihajlovic: The arrival of the DFC is important for our regional connectivity, political and financial stability

23.09.2020. - 15:18

Mihajlovic with "Russian Railways" : We are continuing the reconstruction of railway Bar

21.09.2020. - 09:56

Mihajlovic in Bratunac: The policy of President Vucic and the Serbian government is to connect the region

21.09.2020. - 09:50

Mihajlovic with new director of Chinese railways in Belgrade: Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway the most important project of Serbia and China

21.09.2020. - 09:45

Mihajlovic: We are negotiating the construction of the last section of the bypass around Belgrade

16.09.2020. - 13:14

Mihajlovic on the occasion of the European Mobility Week: Let's make the environment healthier

16.09.2020. - 11:36

Mihajlovićeva: Joint holiday of Serbia and RS important because of identity and history, projects we are working on important for the future


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