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15.09.2020. - 10:22

Mihajlovic: Serbian sky is safe, we are building a new and more modern control tower

15.09.2020. - 10:11

Mihajlovic on the occasion of the Day of Railways: We are returning the railway to the place that belongs to it

14.09.2020. - 08:44

Mihajlovic with the contractors on the bypass: By the end of the year, we will release 7.7 km fortraffic

10.09.2020. - 12:41

Mihajlovic: The agreement from Washington brings economic development and better bilateral relations with the United States

09.09.2020. - 12:02

Mihajlovic: The economic agreement brings investments of close to four billion dollars  

08.09.2020. - 12:59

Mihajlovic in Vranje: In two years, 8,000 apartments for members of the security forces

07.09.2020. - 09:43

Mihajlovic: The agreement from Washington is important for our economy and relations with the United States

04.09.2020. - 10:00

Mihajlovic: Morava Corridor is one of the most important projects, next year we will connect Krusevac with Pojate

04.09.2020. - 09:57

Mihajlovic in Cacak: We are investing in small airports because we want to connect people and develop the economy and tourism

04.09.2020. - 09:48

Mihajlovic: Highway from Preljina to Pozega till the end of next year


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