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04.09.2020. - 09:37

Mihajlovic: We have built houses for 200 Roma families, we continue to improve their position

01.09.2020. - 08:50

Mihajlovic: We are building Trebinje Airport in order to connect our people even more tightly

31.08.2020. - 14:55

Mihajlovic: Beginning of works on the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Belgrade in the Fall of 2021

27.08.2020. - 13:38

Mihajlovic in Novi Sad: We are investing half a billion euros in water transport

27.08.2020. - 12:12

Mihajlovic with the Chinese company "Shandong" on the construction of highway Iverak-Lajkovac and project Belgrade - Novi Sad - Zrenjanin

27.08.2020. - 12:01

Mihajlovic: Criticism and attacks pass, results remain

25.08.2020. - 12:04

Mihajlovic with the director of Transport Community: Regional connection is of key importance for further development

18.08.2020. - 08:21

Mihajlovic with the president of "Chinese Railways": Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway strategically most important project and symbol of friendship

13.08.2020. - 11:51

Mihajlovic: They expelled Serbia from the main corridors because no investments were made in the railway until 2012

13.08.2020. - 08:27

Mihajlovic: Ten million dinars to support safe houses


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