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13.08.2020. - 08:22

Mihajlovic with NALED on further reforms in the construction sector and the promotion of gender equality

11.08.2020. - 11:58

Mihajlovic: Infrastructure is a condition for people to stay and live in Serbia

11.08.2020. - 11:53

Mihajlovic in Pranjani: I am proud of the Serbian people who are still fighting for their country

10.08.2020. - 14:54

Mihajlovic with railway companies about current projects and the financial situation during the epidemic

08.08.2020. - 14:50

Mihajlovic congratulated Construction workers' Day : Thank you to the workers, construction showed strength in the most difficult times

06.08.2020. - 12:41

Mihajlovic: Decline in toll revenues this year, but we continue to invest in highways

04.08.2020. - 14:27

Mihajlovic in Pirot: Communal infrastructure is a priority, we are investing 3.5 billion euros

04.08.2020. - 12:17

Mihajlovic visits works on highway near Nis: We allocate 160 million euros annually for road maintenance

03.08.2020. - 14:06

Mihajlovic: The number of employees in construction sector rose by 10 percent

03.08.2020. - 08:49

Mihajlovic on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of Roma victims of the Holocaust: We are still fighting against the fascists


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