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05.03.2019. - 13:30

Mihajlovic: We don't have time to wait, Serbia has to connect with the region as soon as possible

05.03.2019. - 12:13

Mihajlovic: Together, we remove non-physical barriers to better connect with the region

01.03.2019. - 16:20

Mihajlovic and Lo Cascio: About the visit of the Prime Minister of Italy and cooperation in the railway sector

25.02.2019. - 15:06

Mihajlovic: Nis is the seat of "Airports of Serbia"

25.02.2019. - 12:27

Mihajlovic with GREVIO Expert Group: Preventing violence against women is a priority of the Government of Serbia

25.02.2019. - 12:07

Mihajlovic signed the contract for Morava airport, Serbia gets the third international airport

07.02.2019. - 15:50

Mihajlovic with "Bechtel" on the construction of the Moravian Corridor in Serbia

07.02.2019. - 10:41

Mihajlovic visited the largest infrastructure site in the Great Britain and Europe

07.02.2019. - 09:15

Mihajlovic signed the Road Transport Agreement between Serbia and Great Britain

06.02.2019. - 15:04

Mihajlovic with Sir Alan Duncan, British minister for Europe


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