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03.08.2020. - 08:45

Mihajlovic: Workers are our treasure, thanks to the labor inspection

31.07.2020. - 11:36

Mihajlovic: Instead of the flagpoles, count to 177, for so many places in the world we have progressed when it comes to a number of construction permits issued

31.07.2020. - 11:31

Mihajlovic visits works on Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway: The country is progressing as much as it invests in its railway

30.07.2020. - 09:38

Mihajlovic: We are investing more than 3 billion euros in communal infrastructure

30.07.2020. - 09:35

Mihajlovic: Next year, the beginning of the construction of Belgrade-Nis high-speed railway, for a speed of 200 km / h

29.07.2020. - 12:21

Mihajlovic visits works on the highway near Ruma: All construction sites work, next to health, survival of economy is a priority

29.07.2020. - 12:16

Mihajlovic: By March next year, the first 4000 apartments for security services, an appeal to everyone to respect precautionary measures

29.07.2020. - 10:20

Mihajlovic: We will invest more than three billion euros in communal infrastructure

29.07.2020. - 10:16

Mihajlovic:200 kilometers per hour by fast train from Belgrade to Nis,

28.07.2020. - 15:00

Mihajlovic: Together with the contractors, we do everything we can to make construction sites on large infrastructure projects work


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