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Department for project management

The Project Management Department carries out tasks related to: drafting, harmonizing and concluding agreements, programs and protocols on cooperation, as basic documents defining specific areas of international cooperation in the field of construction, transport and infrastructure; cooperation with foreign and domestic investors in order to reach an agreement for the realization of projects and securing financial resources; participation in negotiations and preparation of acts for concluding multilateral and bilateral agreements, construction contracts and other arrangements, with foreign governments, international financial institutions, banks and companies; preparation of acts for concluding concessions and contracts according to PPP models in the field of civil engineering, transport and infrastructure; participation in the preparation and coordination of work on the development of strategic documents and action plans in the field of civil engineering, transport and infrastructure, and other documents in the field of civil engineering and building construction projects; coordination of tasks related to the establishment of the list of strategic infrastructure projects; analysis, preparation and realization of planning and technical documentation for project implementation; coordination with other state bodies, local self-government units and institutions of the Republic of Serbia in relation to the preparation of projects to be implemented by the Ministry; planning and budgeting, preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, project and program loans, through PPP models and concessions and other sources of financing; planning of public procurements necessary for the realization of projects, participation in the preparation of the model of contracts and the technical part of the tender documentation; management, monitoring and control of contracts, processing and control of financial and other documentation for payment of projects; coordination of activities with the contracting parties, other organizational units in the Ministry and other participants in realization on all issues related to the projects; cooperation and coordination with enterprises within the competence of the Ministry in relation to the projects they implement from project loans, preparation of loan withdrawal acts and their monitoring; reporting on project implementation; preparation of a professional basis for the drafting of laws or proposals of other regulations in the field of construction, transport and infrastructure; the introduction of centralized databases on projects and contracts, as well as other tasks from the scope of the Department.