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Sasa Stojanovic


Born 1960, father Stevan, retired colonel of YNA and law graduate, mother Snezana, retired economist. Served military service in 1987 in Sombor and Zagreb RV and PSC. Married, two children, son Srdjan (24), student of architecture, daughter Nina (19), professional athlete.
Belgrade Elementary School, XI Belgrade High School and Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Passed the bar exam. He speaks and writes in English


1. After graduation, in 1983, I got a job at JAT and continued my studies along with work

  1. I got a full time job in the MIA of the Republic of Serbia in the Department for the Suppression of Economic Crime, as an Authorized Officer / Inspector. Until 2003, I worked in the field of combating economic crime in private entrepreneurship, and then in the field of combating economic crime in domestic traffic, where I was also the manager. I attended an FBI seminar on financial fraud and money laundering. I have participated in numerous economic crime suppression campaigns of the most complex form. I was rated by the highest executives with the highest marks for my work. I also had many years of cooperation with the then financial, now tax police and administration.

  2. By decision to take over, I was transferred to the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade and by decision of the Head of the District Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, I was assigned to the IV Municipal Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade. In court proceedings, before the aforementioned prosecution, I represented indictments.

At the beginning of 2004, by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, I was appointed, as a non-partisan person, to the position of Assistant Minister of Energy for Public Enterprises, in the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Government of the RS, in the mandate of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica. I led an expert committee that successfully transformed PE NIS into AD Oil Industry of Serbia.

After the Ministry of Energy and Mining, I got a job in the prosecutor's office in Belgrade and entered the directory of lawyers of the Belgrade Bar Association and started a private practice.

From 2004 to 2014 I practiced as a lawyer in the field of criminal law, successfully using the extensive experience gained both in operational affairs in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in court proceedings, representing both state and later clients' interests, especially specialized in the areas of economic and tax crimes, cash flows, as well as offenses against official duty, the judiciary and corruption. I have successfully represented numerous clients in proceedings before courts of all jurisdictions.

By decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, since May 2014, I am in the position of Assistant Minister for Road Transport, Roads and Traffic Safety.