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Construction of the new railway line from Mala Krsna-Smederevo to New Port of Smederevo


Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure 


Project value:

9,5 million EUR



Budget of the Republic of Serbia



Transportation Institut CIP


Contractor for the first phase of works:

Group of Bidders, "Strabag DOO", "Vojvodinaput" Pancevo, "Strabag AD", Austria, "PRO-Engineering DOO". Belgrade, TPA d.o.o Belgrade


Supervision for the first phase of works:

Transportation Institut CIP


Project significance:

This project includes the construction of the first railway line in Serbia exclusively for freight traffic which will connect Smederevo Port with the railway Corridor X. The project involves the construction of a single-cell electrified strip, including a marshalling station and the station’s building. The railway is also of a great importance for raising the attractiveness of the industrial zone in Smederevo, which is planned in the hinterland of the Port of Smederevo, whose construction is planned in 2020.


Status of the project:

The first phase of the works was completed in November 2018, within which 5.5 km of railway line was built, including a marshalling station and station’s building.
Public procurement for the selection of contractors is underway and supervision over the implementation of the second phase of works, within which the crossing of the new railway with a standstill will be built, as well as the electrification of the entire route of the railway line.


Beginning of the project:

February 5th 2018


End of the project:

Jun 2019