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Corridor 10 - Grdelica Gorge

Grdelica – Tunnel Predejane LOT 1

the contractor is JV AZVI SA, TADDEI, the value of works is 39.81 million euros.
The 6.13 km long section consists of eight bridges, four of which (83 m, 210 m, 385 m and 105 m long) bridge the river South Morava.
Works on the open route are in the final stage.

Tunnel Predejane-Caricina valley - LOT 2, the contractor is TRACE ltd, MOSTOVIK, the value of works is 37.51 million euros, the completion of works is expected by the end of April 2019.

This is a 4.69 km long section extending southward after Predejane tunnel outlet portal. 11 bridges were built, five of them bridging South Morava and the bridges in the highway 454 m long, 176 m, 511 m long bridge, which bridges the river and the railway, as well as the two bridges at the entrance-exit points of the Predejane loop.

Tunnel Predejane - LOT 3 contractor is CONSORTIUM ALLIANCE X, the value of works is 15.24 million euros.
The right tunnel tube length of 1,085 m was drilled in April 2016 and the left tube 885 m long was drilled in April 2017. The construction of the tunnel was characterized by very difficult geological conditions.
Construction work in both tunnel pipes was completed on 31st of May 2018.
The tunneling work on electro-installation installations is in progress.

Delivery of equipment to the site by the end of January 2019.


Caricina valley-Vladicin Han LOT 4, tunnel Manajle, CONSORTIUM ALLIANCE X contractor, the value of works is 36.25 million euros.

Manajle Tunnel with a mean length of 1,804 m is the longest tunnel in Serbia.
The construction of tunnels is characterized by very difficult geological conditions with the appearance of strong groundwater.
The left tunnel tube was drilled in September 2016 and construction works were completed in April 2018.

Equipping with electromechanical installations is in progress. Contractor is "AZVIRT".
The right tunnel tube was drilled on August 1st, 2017.

Construction works are in the final phase. The contractor of these works was "Integral".
Equipping with electromechanical installations is expected by the end of April 2019.
LOT 5 route and bridges Caricina Valley-tunnel Manajle, the contractor is INTEGRAL INZENJERING, INTERKOP MISAR AND PRIJEDOR ROADS, the value of works is 53.64 million euros, works finished on August 31st 2018.


The length of the section is 6.75 km. At the very beginning of the section, the railway line, due to the space required by the highway, was moved to the river of South Morava. We have a length of about 1 km and a new track has been built for which the trains are running from 1st of August 2016. The route crosses Morava 1 bridge 230 m long and immediately after the town of Dzep, the bridge of the Morava 2 length of 268 m bridges the existing main road, the river South Morava, the state road and the railway and crosses to the left in relation to the existing M1, in the rocky quarry Momin Kamen where a 377-meter-long viaduct was built and bridges over Kucajska dolina (102 m long) and Koznica River (142 m), after which the route reaches the very entrance portal of the Manajle tunnel.

LOT 6 route and bridges tunnel Manajle-Vladicin Han, contractor is JV AZVI, Construcciones Rubau, Contracted value of works 52.2 mil. euro.

Works completed on August 31, 2018.

The route through Grdelica gorge ends with this 6 km long section.

The high and slender bridges represent the basic characteristic of this part of the highway:

Dzemin Do 494.4 m long, as well as Vrla bridge that crosses Vrla River in Vladicin Han and the state road Vl. Han-Surdulica-border with Bulgaria, with its length of 644.4 m longest bridge on the southern fork of Corridor 10. The highest height of the columns of both bridges reaches over 62 m. In addition to these three more bridges were built:
Oslarci bridge (119 m), Gliniste (190 m) and Civlak (115 m), as well as Vladicin Han with an overpass and one bridge over the river Vrla at the approaching loop.