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Corridor 11 - Obrenovac - Ub, Lajkovac- Ljig


The Belgrade-South Adriatic E-763 is a branch of the Trans-European Highway, which connects its main route from Gdansk to Athens and Istanbul with the Adriatic Sea and Port of Bar on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. The highway represents the connection between Serbia and Montenegro, namely Belgrade and the southern Adriatic, and in a wider context connects Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Italy.

In Serbia, the state road of the first A-rank IA2 connects the most important economic and social centers, Belgrade-Obrenovac-Lajkovac-Ljig-Gornji Milanovac-Preljina-Cacak-Pozega.

The underlying importance of this road route on the territory of Serbia is what valorizes the transit function of our country in the wider international corridor.

General Contractor: "Shandong High Speed Group", People’s Republic of China. Contract value of works for both sections: 333,747,540 USD.


Section 3: Obrenovac-Ub, length 26.2 km

The main subcontractor: "Italiana construzioni"

The route section is fully completed, 100% asphalt, horizontal and vertical signaling, channels, protection of embankments, access road, Ub loop including lighting system.

Works on the system for the evacuation of atmospheric waters and recipients are underway, 33 km of the projected wire fence, ongoing works.
Billing ramps Obrenovac and Ub, works in progress.


Section 5: Lajkovac-Ljig, length 24 km

Main contractor "Energoprojekt Niskogradnja", Belgrade
Section Lajkovac-loop Ljig (20.35 km) is completed, 100% asphalt, horizontal and vertical signalization, access roads, Ljig loop including lighting. Earth's water channels along the route, it is done on the installation of a separator and a drainage of water to the recipients, the end of the deviation by which the Ibarska magistrala passes the highway, the local road for the village Brancici.

 Part of the route from Ljig to Brancici tunnel (2.81 km) works in progress.

The second layer of the left lane is asphalted, the final layer remains. The right lane is under the first layer of asphalt, the arrangement of the bed of the road in front of the tunnel is in progress. Noise cancellation walls, wire and protective fences, as well as signaling.

Part of the tunnel is connected with section Ljig-Preljina (0.500 km) works in progress.
Both strips are under asphalt full length (first layer)

Tunnel Brancici (left hose 940m, right 944.7m) works in progress

Left tunnel tube: finished asphalt two layers. Following is the equipment of the tunnel- light, ventilation, signaling, painting, asphalt finishing layer, control center (works in progress)
Right tunnel tube: works on making end layers of the tunnel bedding. Preparation for asphalt and the rest of the activity as for the left tunnel tube.