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Highway E 75, section with border crossing Kelebija-loop Subotica South


The project has started in 1990 and only in 2017 and 2018 works were completed in sections 2 and 3 and these sections were released into traffic. This road is extremely important because it connects Horgos-Novi Sad highway with the border crossing, and the transit traffic that goes through the center of Subotica will finally be relocated to a new road. The significance of this road route is also due to the fact that the industrial - customs zone Subotica West in the immediate vicinity of the road and all economic entities operating in this zone will be significantly facilitated by the transport of goods.


Financier: Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Investor: "Corridors of Serbia" l.l.c.

Contractor: no job assigned yet

Estimated contract value: 950.000.000,00 RSD

Date of commencement of works: March 25, 2019

Period of works: 8 months

Planned deadline: November 25, 2019


All bids for the publication of the public procurement have been completed and it is expected that the public procurement will be announced no later than 21st January 2019.