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Regulation of the river banks of Toplica and Strazevacka river

Grant Coordinator: Municipality of Prokuplje


Total project value:

1,263,285 EUR, from which EU and Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure: 919,545 EUR



-        Regulation of the rivers Toplica and Strazevacka- value: 59,294,645.22 RSD; Contractor: Water management company "Cuprija" joint-stock company;

Construction of 12 houses for the accommodation of Roma families: the public procurement procedure is expected;



-         Regulation of the river bank: works began in July 2018. Works were completed in November 2018.
Construction of houses: the public procurement procedure is expected; the deadline for construction is July 2019 (the request for extension of the grant project is currently in progress for 6 months to 5 August 2019, and an extension to the extension by Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure is expected).



Status of works:

-        River Bank Regulations: the works were completed in November 2018 in full and in accordance with the project documentation.

House construction: it is expected that the public procurement procedure will be initiated by the Coordinator, most likely in February 2019.