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Department for cargo transport in road traffic

The Department of Freight Transport carries out tasks related to: preparation of expert bases for the drafting of laws and proposals of other regulations in the field of international freight transport; defining priorities and guidelines for improving the conditions for the development of road transport through coordinated cooperation with institutions in the country and abroad in order to achieve the interests of the transport economy; participation in the preparation and work of relevant mixed commissions and other international forums, institutions and organizations; exchange, distribution, issuance and control of the use of individual, time and multilateral licenses for freight; the development of commodity terminals for the needs of intermodal transport, the application of work procedures related to the exchange, issuance and discharge of multilateral and bilateral licenses for international freight transport, recording of the performed transport by means of intermodal transport (RO-LA), receipt and processing of requests for regular audits and annual plan ; participation in the development and monitoring of the implementation of the objectives defined in the Action Plan of the Transport Development Strategy, participates in the harmonization of regulations from the scope of the Department with the relevant EU regulations, as well as other activities from the scope of the Department.