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Department for railway infrastructure and intermodal transport

Railway infrastructure and intermodal transport Department performs tasks related to: strategy of development of railway and intermodal transport infrastructure; International Affairs; preparation of the opinions on the railway infrastructure maintenance programs "Serbian Railways", business plan, moving on to the five-years plan and other plans in the field of railways; preparation and the implementation of the international loans and other investments in the railways and intermodal transport; proposal and monitoring of the implementation of projects in the field of railway and intermodal transport; development of the financing models of railway infrastructure; monitoring the status and economic status of operators in the railway; monitoring the development of modern transport technology and proposing measures for their encouraging, preparation of the professional bases for the development of draft laws and other regulations in the field of railway and intermodal transport; activities related to Corridor 10 (organizations, forums, conferences); shaping and updating databases for monitoring and analysis of the system of railway infrastructure; infrastructure development of combined transport terminals; development of logistics centers and services; Performing other tasks in the domain of the Department.


In the department for railway infrastructure and intermodal transport following units have being formed: