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Group for international cooperation in road transport

In the Group for international cooperation in road transport, works are carried out: correspondence with international organizations (International transport forum - CEMT, UNECE, BSEC) and competent authorities and institutions in the country and abroad; reviewing and processing documents received from international organizations for further distribution in the Department; study-analytical work related to cooperation with international and national organizations engaged in road transport; processing of systemic and other issues of importance for international cooperation and its development and harmonization of requirements that are entered into the bases for concluding international agreements and agreements from the scope of the Department; participation in the preparation of expert bases for the drafting of laws and proposals of other regulations in the field of international road transport; participation in the preparation of the basis for concluding bilateral and multilateral agreements in the field of road transport; to study and monitor the activities of international cooperation of interest for the work of the Sector in the part of road transport and to develop professional material in this regard; participation in the preparation, organization and work of mixed commissions and working groups, international and regional organizations and other bodies; preparing material for contacts with international organizations and their working bodies; participation in expert discussions during the visits of foreign delegations and representatives; participation in the development and monitoring of the implementation of the objectives defined by the Action Plan of the Transport Development Strategy, participation in the harmonization of regulations from the scope of the Department with the relevant EU regulations, as well as other activities from the scope of the Group.