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Group for Project Planning and River Infrastructure Development

In the Project Planning Group and River Infrastructure Development, activities are carried out in relation to: the records on proposed projects from the scope of the Sector and preparation of information, reports and analyzes of planned projects and the state of the environment on international waterways of the Republic of Serbia; preparation of projects in the field of water transport in accordance with the procedure established by the IPA co-ordinator, proposing projects for river infrastructure development and harmonization of project proposals with all technical requirements; project preparation and harmonization of project proposals with all technical requirements for environmental protection on waterways; monitoring the implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava Basin, the adopted protocols attached to the Framework Agreement on the Basin of the Sava River and the implementation of projects on the Sava; monitoring and analyzing the projects of the Sava Commission, the Danube Commission (DK) and the River Rhine River Commission (CCNR), or projects related to the European Rhine-Danube Corridor; encouraging the development of commodity terminals of combined transport and "green ports" in the Republic of Serbia; participation in the development of the concept and strategy for the development of infrastructure on waterways, monitoring the maintenance and improvement of the EU project related to River Information Services in cooperation with the Waterway Directorate in the part relating to the collection of ship waste; Cooperation with the Sector for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Project Management in monitoring the implementation of EU projects; forming and updating data for monitoring and analyzing the process of transport of dangerous goods on inland waterways in cooperation with other organizational units within the Ministry and other competent bodies and organizations; monitoring and implementation of international regulations in the field of prevention of pollution of inland waters from vessels, that is, coordination of organized collection and removal of ship waste on inland waterways; keeping records of the proposed river ecology projects from the scope of the Sector; development of program budget of the Sector and coordination of work with other sectors in budget planning; monitoring and maintenance of the adopted quality management systems; providing professional guidance and technical support to employees in the performance of electronic administration; participation in the development of work informer in the part referring to the Sector and its updating, taking care of the availability of information of public importance from the scope of the Sector, as well as other activities from the scope of the Group.